Keep a good credit history and increase your credit score without being in debt

Be an authorized user with someone you can trust


When a credit cardholder open a credit card account, he usually has the choice to feature somebody else as an authorized user. Authorized user primarily indicates that a specific person has the power to use their credit card account.


Authorized users attain specific privileges such as making payments through that credit card account. Additionally, authorized users usually receive their cards with their names thereon.


One of the benefits of being an authorized user is—even though you are using someone else’s credit card, you’re not legally and financially liable for that credit account. On top of that, the records and transactions of that credit card—such as timely payments are typically included in your credit card report.


Essentially, it signifies that the status of that credit account will affect your credit score. Hence, it means that if the cardholder is responsible— it’ll reflect on your credit card report.


To summarize: you can passively increase your credit report as an authorized user, provided that the original cardholder is a good payer.

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Author: Donna Woods

  • 6+ years of experience in financial analysis
  • 5+ years of experience as a writer, published author, editor, and screenwriter